Greenberg + Hanadel is a small architectural practice with an emphasis on interior design and interactive exhibitions for family audiences. We approach each project with the knowledge that we can achieve our goal of the best possible design on a project only by having the client as an equal participant in the process. Collaboration is essential to our creative process and we delight in the unexpected outcome when brainstorming with a group of creative individuals from diverse backgrounds. There must be a process of discovery in creating. And, like the early mapmakers of centuries past who would label the unknown continents they knew must exist as "sleeping beauties," our design and development process recognizes that we will help discover the latent possibilities of the project's themes as part of a team effort.

Our role then is to help make tangible the ideas uncovered. Visualizing these ideas in three dimensions is the special skill we bring. This is how we enrich the process.

The scope of services we can offer includes Content and Program Development, Design, Contract Documents, Project Management, and Production Oversight. We work with each client to determine what scope of services will best meet the needs of their specific project. Many of our projects have involved a team process that integrates a wide array of professionals -- curators, developers, educators, advisors, evaluators, architects, contractors, fabricators, tinkerers, and specialists.

Gail Greenberg
Brooklyn, NY